Magnesium hydroxide is used in a lot of different companies to make products flame retardant. This substance is used in a variety of industries. Cables, for instance are way more valuable, and safer to use when they are provided with a magnesium hydroxide coating. In case of a short circuit, the chance of a fire hazard is greatly reduced. Europiren is a company that operates on a global scale and provides companies with flame retardant materials. Because most of the products and coating they use are from their own resources, you will pay the best price for this extraordinary safety feature.

Flame retardant PVC by means of a magnesium hydroxide coating

Every construction project needs safety regulations. What to think of fire? By using a substance called magnesium hydroxide you can make a lot of products flame retardant. This prevents an outbreak in case of a short circuit in one of the electricity cables. And by choosing a partner that can deliver you the right materials, such as Europiren, you’re choosing a partner that works environmentally friendly. This company produces magnesium hydroxide without the use of toxic additives, and uses as little energy as possible during production. Inquire about the possibilities today or take a look at their website for an impression of all flame retardant methods available.

Find out just how convenient magnesium hydroxide is for making flame retardant materials

Magnesium hydroxide makes your products flame retardant. Europiren delivers minerals for industrial, environmental and agricultural applications for the best flame retardant quality. What you perhaps didn’t know, is that using magnesium hydroxide is easy as pie. That’s because it only has to be added during the final stage of the production process. After this treatment, your products are capable of absorbing heat and smoke alike. Imagine the benefits, for instance in industry and construction. And where can you get this flame retardant coating you ask? At Europiren of course! A global company that works from its main location in the port of Rotterdam.